Seven Arrows is excited to celebrate 20 years of service with our entire community of students, families, alumni, and friends of the school. We are equally excited that our mission to teach and promote passion for learning, academic excellence, and a commitment to local and global communities remains relevant in the ever-evolving 21st century.

Seven Arrows’ history started with a desire to cultivate the ethical mind in a multicultural environment that celebrates each child’s innate abilities and intelligences. 20 years later, brain science continues to lead the charge on the importance of a global, ethical mindset. We continue to grow as a relevant and powerful K-6 school that fuses rigorous academics with world culture and the arts. Small by design, our one class per grade learning community provides the best possible social/emotional experiences that both support differentiated learning and interconnectedness among students across grade levels.

We began with 46 students in grades K-4. We now have seven grade levels, robust enrollment, three school buildings, and this year is all about celebrating how far we’ve come and all that we can accomplish for each child. We are forever grateful for the hard work so many of our teachers, families, trustees, founders, scientists, researchers, and education supporters have given to Seven Arrows.

During the course of this school year, we will be reflecting on our history and sharing our path for the future. We hope you’ll follow us on this page and social media as we mark this tremendous achievement – 20 Years of Passionate Learning, Compassionate Leading!