Community is at the heart of Seven Arrows. When it’s time for our students to move on to their secondary schools, we celebrate their rite of passage yet remind them that the Seven Arrows community will always be here for them through all of life’s twists and turns. We say, “So long, for now,” but never, “Goodbye.” We know we have made a lasting impression on them, but just as important, they have made a lasting impression on us. The community we build with our students does not fade when they cross the graduation stage, but rather, it shines even brighter as they take the lessons and values they’ve learned to the new communities they will become part of.

For Alumni and Their Families

Thank you for staying connected to your Seven Arrows community! We hope you know how brightly your legacy shines and that your continued involvement at Seven Arrows will foster more treasured memories, provide opportunities to reconnect with beloved friends and educators, and allow you to continue to make a positive impact on your elementary school with your love and presence. We at Seven Arrows reminisce about you often and nothing makes our day more than the sight of an alum at a Friday morning Kuyam!

Seven Arrows alumni are dear and valued members of our community and it is our goal to continue to cultivate opportunities for you to stay meaningfully connected. We take joy in arranging alumni gatherings and formally welcome alumni families to many of our school events including our global festivals and Spring Fundraiser.

We love to stay apprised of our former students’ adventures, achievements, and general whereabouts; we are proud of the individuals you have become and how you have continued to represent our great school. Please contact Business Officer Jane Rose  to update your information with us, to let us know how you and your family are doing, or to find out about upcoming Seven Arrows alumni and community events. Or just drop in to see us!

You can also follow us on social media to keep Seven Arrows in your daily life. We hope to hear from you soon!

Seven Arrows Class of 2019

At the end of the school year, our sixth grade class was welcomed by Seven Arrows alumni into the Seven Arrows alumni community. These alumni spoke to the sixth grade class about the transition to their secondary schools and answered any questions they may have. Each sixth grade student received a certificate acknowledging this transition and a t-shirt for the student body to sign.

Seven Arrows Class of 2012: College Bound

At the beginning of June, we held our annual Graduating Seniors Dinner for the Seven Arrows Class of 2012. This beautiful evening, filled with memories, laughter, good food, and fun, was a moment to celebrate their young lives and educational beginnings at Seven Arrows before heading off to college. After enjoying a meal together in our Kuyam area, our alumni viewed a slideshow of photos from their entire career at Seven Arrows including even some photos of them as Kindergarteners. Our alumni thoroughly enjoyed revisiting their time here and have made plans to gather again over the summer before they all depart for college.