Athletic events not only highlight our student-athletes, but draw our entire community together. Part of the regular athletic curriculum, they are held throughout the year to allow students of all ages to participate in fun and challenging activities designed to activate both the body and the mind.

The Walk-A-Thon is the first community-wide athletic event of the school year and one of our most exciting fundraisers. In preparation for the Walk-A-Thon, students train and condition their bodies in PE during the month of September and work on getting pledges for each lap they complete in the designated time. On the day of the event, students and teachers run or jog laps around a track at Palisades Park to the sounds of lively music and the cheering of parents, grandparents, relatives, and friends. The spirit, energy, and team effort displayed by everyone involved is inspiring, as is the dedication of our students, families, and friends, who always ensure that our fundraising efforts are successful. Students particularly enjoy this event because it allows them to give back to the school through their efforts and commitment.

Seahawks Athletics Day takes place midyear. Activities are inspired by the Summer Olympic Games, and the school is divided into teams by color.Having every grade equally represented on each team emphasizes the concepts of teamwork, cooperation, and good sportsmanship. This practice encourages communication and positive role modeling across grades and emphasizes the spirit of fun rather than competition.

This athletic event honors our families and caregivers. Students in all grades, along with faculty, administration, and special guests, take part in an assortment of recreational games such as soccer, kickball, and Capture the Flag. A lovely lunch put together by our community mothers rounds out this special day.

The sixth-graders train hard for their triathlon each spring. Students swim at the Jonathan Club, bike to Temescal Canyon Road, and then run from Temescal to the finish line at Seven Arrows, where the rest of the school greets their arrival with cheers and celebration. Our students look forward to this sixth-grade “perk” throughout their time at Seven Arrows.


Triathlon 2019 from Seven Arrows Elementary School on Vimeo.