Seven Arrows is an environmentally conscious school. Since its founding, it has been proactive in a host of sustainable initiatives, including cultivating edible vegetables on school property. Thanks to the dedication of our founding families and educators to cultivating healthy and environmentally conscious children, our school has a long tradition of guiding students in understanding their relationship to nature and the cycles of the natural world.

The leadership and inspiration of Jamie Oliver, master chef and food revolutionary and a former Seven Arrows parent, have energized the school’s efforts to change the way we think about food and how food systems work (from production to distribution to cooking and eating what we grow). Jamie Oliver’s strategy for creating a worldwide food transformation begins with changing the relationship Americans have with food. Seven Arrows is proud to be at the forefront of this good-food movement with its on-campus edible garden, created in the spring of 2015.

The Edible Garden is an outdoor classroom that is integrated into our science, Service Learning, Spanish, math, and Global Cultures curricula. Our students plant, harvest, cook, and eat the “fruits” of their labor, gaining hands-on experience that will leave a lifelong imprint on their relationship to food, water, and the natural world.

Woolly Pocket garden planters brim with plants, herbs, and vegetables on virtually every outdoor surface of the Seven Arrows campus. These planters maximize growing potential and are one of several innovative ideas we hope will inspire other organizations interested in urban edible gardens. Visitors can test their knowledge of fruit trees (or learn from the beautiful signs) as they stroll through the campus.

With the power of our community behind us, Seven Arrows can achieve exceptional things. This shining example of sustainable living would not have been possible without the vision and hard work of our parent community and Jamie Oliver’s generosity in underwriting the effort.