At Seven Arrows we value the uniqueness of our students and are keenly aware of their learning modalities, strengths, and personal passions. With this in mind, our innovative curriculum is differentiatedfrom kindergarten to sixth grade. This ensures that all our students have the opportunity to learn in a stress-free environment with optimal conditions for achieving their inherent personal growth and academic success.

Equally as important as our rigorous academic program is our commitment to the social and emotional development of each child. Our small learning community allows us to equip students with the tools to manage their academic demands while navigating their expressive language, stress levels, and the myriad relationships in and outside of school. This type of mastery takes time and consistent development. We believe that an equally rigorous social/emotional curriculum enables our students to achieve success not only academically but in every facet of their lives.

Darren Nakasuji          Sara Kaviar
Dean of Students       Director of Curriculum