At Seven Arrows we value the uniqueness of our children and are keenly aware of their learning modalities, strengths, and passions. With this in mind, our curriculum is differentiated and individualized from kindergarten to sixth grade. This ensures that all our students have the opportunity to learn in a stress-free environment with optimal conditions for achieving personal growth and academic success.

Our school is committed to a curriculum that is rigorous for each child and meets the needs of all types of learners.

Seven Arrows Elementary takes great pride not only in its rigorous programs in the academics and the arts but, most important, in the social and emotional development of each child.

Research continues to demonstrate that a child struggling socially or emotionally will be unable to fully access the academic curriculum, negatively impacting her or his learning. Therefore, it is imperative that each child be connected and motivated. We believe that a rigorous social/emotional curriculum will enable our students to achieve success not only academically but in every facet of their lives.

Title IX Contact
Coordinator of Title IX, Darren Nakasuji
310. 230.0257 Ext. 122
Seven Arrows Elementary School
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