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As the first independent school on the west side to be granted a waiver and reopen, we are thankful to our entire community for your support, research, time, and partnership. Although our students were able to fully participate on campus every day, we missed fully interacting with our parents and extended community and look forward to seeing everyone in September 2021!

While we recognize that education and physical interaction of young minds is essential, we maintain that the health and safety of our great community is our north star. Although Los Angeles is in the midst of an economic reopening, we are spending the summer both preparing for a remarkable and engaging school year and monitoring the highly infectious delta coronavirus variant. We are confident that our partnership with the Los Angeles Department of Public Health coupled with guidance from the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and our committed COVID-19 Taskforce will continue to positively impact a successful and safe start to the new school year. We agree that “learning is non-negotiable” as Governor Newsom maintains.

This page is dedicated to providing you with current and historical resources on our plans for delivering our innovative education for a full day of programming, five days a week.  These plans have taken into consideration the health and safety guidelines issued by the CDC, California Department of Education, and NAIS coupled with the expertise of our Covid-19 Task Force, Steering Committee, Head of School, and Senior Administration. We realize that although seemingly confirmed, these plans are based upon the information we know up to date and can evolve and pivot as safety demands.


Moving Forward: A Safety Guide

COVID-19 Advisory Taskforce

Neil Desai, PhD Neil Desai, PhD, CEO, Aadi Bioscience Inc.

Amy Eldon, Trustee, Steering Committee

Elizabeth Fielder-Marashi, MD. Attending ER physician, Kaiser

Steven Henning, Board Chair, Steering Committee

Ashley Hunter, Assistant Clinical Professor, UCLA, American Academy of Pediatrics

Sara Kaviar, Director of Innovation & Learning, Seven Arrows Elementary

Daniel Krivoy, MD, Clinical Instructor, UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine

Darren Nakasuji, Dean of Students, Seven Arrows Elementary

Margarita Pagliai, Head of School & Founder, Seven Arrows Elementary

Rikki Sevell, MD, General Internist, UCLA

Peter Szilagyi, MD, MPH, Professor of Pediatrics, Vice-Chair for Pediatric Research, UCLA

Dalit Toledano, founding member of NOCOVID coalition

Angela Vassallo, Epidemiologist Consultant, CEO, The Safe Set & Chief Clinical Advisor, COVID SMART

Back to School Q & A

The first day of school is Thursday, September 9th, 2021.
Face masks will be required for everyone in accordance with current state and county regulations. We will require each child to wear a mask while indoors during the school day. There will be scheduled masks breaks for students to safely remove their masks outside, in addition to maskless periods during snack, lunch, and PE. Note that all outdoor maskless breaks will be 10 feet apart.
We are moving away from the hybrid model in the interests of optimal student education and do not intend to have a virtual learning option given that we have sufficient physical space and strict protocols. When needed, such as after breaks, closure for fires or rain, or class closures for quarantines, the entire grade will distance learn for the prescribed time.
All Seven Arrows employees, as well as vendors or any outside service providers who come on campus, are required to be fully vaccinated.
In accordance with the mandated state regulations, our in-person learning will be restricted to cohort groups of 10-12 max students per classroom. Doing so will best prevent coronavirus spread in our learning community. For example, in the event of an infection, the cohort model will allow us to sequester/close down one grade, instead of the whole school. Face masks will be required for all students in accordance with current state and county regulations. We will require each child to wear a mask while indoors during the school day. Social distancing measures (6 feet apart, no contact) will also be taken to prevent the spread of disease within our community. Individual desks will minimize contact during the school day for all children. Additional handwashing stations have been added. Temperature checks will be administered daily for all faculty and staff. As much as possible, we will be utilizing the outdoor classroom model for instruction. Foodsharing will be prohibited. The school will also provide free weekly COVID-19 testing to all students and staff as part of our mitigation strategy.
Faculty and staff will wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and undergo daily temperature checks. Protective plexiglass will be installed in heavy interaction spaces. A strict limit on non-essential campus visitors including parents will be in place. Classrooms are being modified to promote the cohort model and limit exposure to other cohorts/grades. A private egress to the outdoors in every grade has been installed. All air filters have been upgraded to prevent spread via our ducting. All public bathrooms will have UV disinfectant lights and be equipped with contactless hand washing and soap dispensers. In-person singing and wind instrument usage will be prohibited. Implementation of more frequent sanitizing measures and the hiring of additional cleaning personnel. Please click below for our Containment, Response, and Control Plan.
Seven Arrows will continue free weekly testing for all students and employees as a part of our mitigation strategy. Parents will also be able to participate in on-campus testing at no additional cost. We are partnering with ReligenDX to provide self-service saliva PCR tests for the 2021-2022 school year. Results will be provided within a 24 hour period via the ReligenDX portal.

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